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Welcome to Friends United
Lörddirdirs   uploaded an image to Pet Tamers Little Corner
Lörddirdirs   uploaded an image to Pet Tamers Little Corner
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LörddirdirsNew to 2017 is the Noblegarden Bunny battle pet, sold for 200 Noblegarden Chocolate. A lovely pink rabbit
Noblegarden Guide (April 17 - April 24)
Everything about the Noblegarden holiday, including hunting for eggs, acquiring Noblegarden Chocolates, and completing the Noble Gardener Achievements.
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RachelanaIm watching Shark Boy and Lava Girl
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Lörddirdirs5th April 2017 - Micro Holiday - Have FUN, enjoy
WOW Legion Micro Holiday March of The Tadpoles
World of Warcraft Legion Micro Holiday March of the Tadpoles...
RachelanaOur kill of Gul'dan on Normal
Link Description

**ALPHA DRAFT** WoW 7.8.0 Patch Notes (DO NOT PUBLISH)


New & Updated Features

New Zone: The Underneath
Very strange things are happening in Duskwood, and it's up to you to investigate the disappearance of a local boy.
Team up with an all-star cast of heroes, including a mysterious girl, several of the boy's friends, and the boy's mother (as portrayed by the wonderfully talented Onona Windrider).
The story plays out in eight chapters, which you can experience at your own pace, but we know you're just going to binge them all weekend anyway.
Story and World
Corrected an issue causing Dadgar's name to incorrectly be presented as "Khadgar."
The Armies of Legionfall have been successful in their mission to defeat the Burning Legion. Azeroth is finally safe, from all enemies, forever. Now's a good time to brush up on your general chat skills.
To better express the core story of the Legion expansion, all World Quests will now include harpies shouting at you about whatever it is you're doing.
Increased the damage dealt by lava and similar environmental hazards to be juuuuust enough to kill you before you can jump out.
Players must now have the achievement "Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden" in order to zone into the Tomb of Sargeras raid.
Developers' notes: We've heard extensive feedback from players about the inconvenience of manually screening group applicants based on their achievements. We hope that by automating and enforcing these requirements on our end, we can streamline the process, so that players can more quickly organize raid groups and begin working towards their ultimate goal of defeating Kil'jaeden.
Additionally, players will not be able to enter any raid instance without having first completed the Maw of Souls dungeon at least 500 times on Mythic Keystone difficulty.
Mythic difficulty raids have been retuned around a new group size of 21.2 players. We feel that the extra 1.2 players will allow an extra layer of depth that we could not have achieved with round integer values.
We're pleased to announce that the award for Best Opera Performance goes to... Westfall Story!
Portals to Dalaran have been added to each room in the Tomb of Sargeras raid. This should make changing talents much more convenient for those of you who are still too cheap to buy Tomes of the Tranquil Mind.
We've introduced the rest of Withered J'im's family to the World Boss rotation, including Withered J'ane, Withered J'ethro, and Withered J'steve.
I'm sorry, no... there's a mistake. Wikket, you guys won Best Opera Performance.
Added a series of achievements unique to Raid Finder difficulty:
Developers' notes: Not all players are motivated by powerful set bonuses and striking armor sets. Some want the lasting prestige of achievements, and while we offer countless achievements that are specific to other difficulties, there have never been achievements that are only available through Raid Finder. That ends here.
Raid Finder: Darkbough - Defeat Il'gynoth without ever accidentally damaging his Eye with a Nightmare Ichor's explosion.
Raid Finder: Tormented Guardians – Defeat Cenarius without engaging any of the hostile creatures in the corrupted Moonglade.
Raid Finder: Rift of Aln – During the Xavius encounter, loot at least two Legendary items from the Overflowing Loot Chests hidden in the mists of the Rift.
Raid Finder: Arcing Aqueducts – Defeat at least 1000 Crystalline Scorpids before defeating Skorpyron.
Raid Finder: Royal Athenaeum – Stun 24 other players with one explosion from Arcanic Release.
Raid Finder: Nightspire – Defeat Tichondrius after having dealt more total damage to Tainted Bloods than to Tichondrius himself.
Raid Finder: Betrayer's Rise – Successfully avoid being caught in any of those scary-looking pink bubbles that p
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LörddirdirsThe fun of itemlvl scaling at lvl 110 - Yeah
Secret 7.2 Item Level Scaling! Sh*tshow In World of Warcraft...
Turns out WoW Legion patch 7.2 Tomb of Sargeras has secret i...
Lörddirdirs   a long explanation -> [link]
LörddirdirsNew Fun in patch 7.2
The 30 Minor Features of Patch 7.2 - WoW Legion
Showing you some of the smaller stuff being added in 7.2 Leg...
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